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OMG!!!!! We are so glad you chose to stop by!!! I am excited to share with you,We started this blog, I'm telling mommy because I always wanted children, and I believed that just as many as God gave me he also gives you pervisions and witty ideas to take care of them and the know how!!!! We would love for you to join in on us and our journey! Click on the link and head on over to explore this amazing blog for every MOTHER/FATHER/ CAREGIVER!!! 

- Staci

Team Nelson


Hi I am glad you stopped by! I am a Wife, Minister, Entrepreneur, and MOMMY!!!! My husband and I have been married for 17 years! We have been trying to conceive 11 of those years… Standing on my Faith scripture of 1 Samuel 1:27. He granted me the desires of my heart. I became a mother of my miracle child ADEN! In that same year, after conceiving Aden God gave me and my husband a heart for our three forever children Stephen, Mya & Ethan which we adopted in the same year!  The very next year he gave us another miracle baby (Samson) Braxton! So in a matter of two years we went from no children to parents of  5 all under the age of 9!  We are now a family of 7 and we absolutely love it! I have served years as a children’s church director, as well as operator of assisted Director in a daycare! I have been around children my whole life and have a fervent love and heart for children! When I prayed for children, I would always as God to equipped me with what I need to manage and take care of them! This blog is simply to share myself and the ideas he downloads to me with others! Hope you will enjoy, this journey with me!!!

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