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We are Stephen & Staci, a dynamic husband and Wife Duo! We have been childhood sweethearts since the age of thirteen! Married for 22 years, with our Faith intact, we believed God for 11 years to conceive! We have an amazing little tribe of 6 children (Mya, Stephen Marcus, Ethan, Aden, Braxton, & Naomi). We are BIG on Family and enjoy creating moments with our littles! We are thriving Entrepreneurs who enjoy doing not only business but life together! When we aren't working our businesses, we are parenting and full-time ministry! 

Our life is...C-R-A-Z-Y in an ah-mazingly fun way!!! and we couldn't imagine it any other way.

We have professionally practiced photography for over 17 years, as well as catering & event planning for the last 13! Blogging our FAITH lifestyle and amazing moments with our kids make it all an adventure.  We are gifted and LOVE what we do, from capturing moments to encouraging people, to creating last memories of events we have planned.

You have to remember each one of us has a legacy to leave behind and how honored are we to photograph moments of that legacy for your generations to come. 

We are both full-time business owners, and for that, We're extremely grateful.  We learn & love every single day. We are passionate about our Covenant and Family!  As parents, we believe we are our children's inspiration, and teachers. We one day hope to leave them with this legacy we are building and even work with them in the family business!  We understand that all of who we are and do represent Stephen and Staci Everything Creative.



Stephen & Staci


Meet The Nelsons

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